Dear Friends,

Today i am going to tell you how to prepare a traditional Gujarati dish i.e DHOKLA...


1..vind (kadale hittu) 1 kg
2..curd 1/2L
3..mustard 1 tsp
4..oil 2 tsp
5..blackpolladi leaves and coriander leaves 2 tsp


1..take a bowl and to it add the vind and curd and mix them to a paste
2..add salt to the above mixture and keep aside for 1/2 hour
3..now take a steel plate and grease it with oil
4..now pour the above mixture into the plates
5..now steam the above mixture (as we do in the case of idly) for 5 minutes
6..cut the dhokla into small pieces and decorate them using fried mustard and blackpolladi  leaves and coriander leaves
7..serve the hot dhokla with fried green chillies or green chutney

your tasty dhokla is ready in just 7 steps!!!!... 

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