Dear Friends,

Today i am going to tell you how to prepare CHOCOLATE FROSTING ...


  1. 2 tsp chocolate(unsweetened)
  2. 2 tsp chocolate(semi-sweetened)
  3. 1.5 cups confectioner's sugar or icing sugar
  4. 0.5 cup butter
  5. 2 tsp milk
  6. few drops of vanilla essence


  1. in a small saucepan melt the chocolate over a double boiler
  2. transfer this to a mixing bowl and mix in the butter and a portion of the icing sugar and blend with a blender
  3. mix in the milk and the vanilla essence and slowly add the portions of the icing sugar and keep beating till the mixture is well blended and smooth
  4. spread the icing on the prepared muffin cakes with a spatula and leave in the fridge for 10 minutes to set
your chocolate frosting is ready in just 4 steps!!!!...
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