Dear Friends,

Today i am going to tell you how to prepare SPICED WATERMELON HONEY ...


  1. dry ginger powder 1/4 tsp 
  2. fresh ginger 2" piece
  3. cloves 6
  4. cinnamon 2" piece
  5. watermelon peel 6 cups(remove the red and green part of the fruit and grate the white part) 
  6. water 1 cup
  7. sugar 4 cups
  8. lemon 1/2(cut into 4 pieces)
  9. salt to taste


  1. tie together the fresh ginger,cloves and cinnamon in a cloth and keep aside(its called as spice bundle)
  2. now add water to the grated watermelon peel and boil it in a low flame and then allow it to cool
  3. now put the spice bundle in sugar and boil the mixture till you get the sugar syrup(if you want you may add little water to make sugar syrup)
  4. after getting the sugar syrup remove the spice bundle and add lemon and salt
  5. now mix the boiled watermelon peel and the sugar syrup and add ginger powder to the mixture
  6.  now store the spiced watermelon honey in a dry bottle and it can be used with dosas,toasts,biscuits etc
your spiced watermelon honey is ready in just 6 steps!!!!...
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